Positional Play

Positional Play

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This is the fourth in the series of phenomenally successful training manuals by the world's leading trainer and his star pupil

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This is the fourth in the series of phenomenally successful training manuals by the world's leading trainer and his star pupil. By instilling players with an understanding of persistent positional features, they stress the features of positional play most relevant to the practical struggle, assuring over-the-board success.

Clearly, this book is aimed at the advanced player; in my opinion a conservative estimate of the level needed to tackle some of this work is 1700 USCF, and probably higher than that.

Kosikov's chapters really shine in this book, as well as the one by Bareev (featuring a few of his games from Linares 1992 against Salov, Kasparov, and Karpov!). Kosikov gives wonderful practical advice and Bareev gives a very honest and revealing look into top-level chess at that time.

As usual, Dvoretsky is quite good as well---his chapter on Prophylactic Thinking deserves the hype it gets. Yusupov's chapter on "Manoeuvring" is well-done also.

Of course, this is not a proper "textbook," but working through this book as one part of my new training program, selecting only one chapter to work through in a sitting, has definitely helped my practical play and how I think about the game.

Highly recommended!


Part 1: Methods of improving positional play

  • Improving one's positional skill (Mark Dvoretsky)
  • Manoeuvring (Artur Yusupov)
  • Competition in solving positional exercises (Mark Dvoretsky)


Part 2: Methods of seeking positional solutions

  • Prophylactic thinking (Mark Dvoretsky)
  • The key to a position (Artur Yusupov)
  • Planning in chess (Alexei Kosikov)
  • Sensing the tempo (Alexei Kosikov)
  • Positional transformations (Mark Dvoretsky)

Part 3: Typical Positions

  • Opposite-coloured bishops in the middlegame (Mark Dvoretsky)
  • You cannot manage without combinations! (Mark Dvoretsky)
  • Modern treatment of the Dutch Defence (Igor Khenkin and Vladimir Kramnik)

Part 4: Complicated Strategy in practical play

  • Grandmaster Strategy (Evgeny Bareev)
  • Whose strategy will triumph? (Mark Dvoretsky)

Part 5

  • From the creative art of our students (Artur Yusupov) 
Авторы А.Юсупов
Издательство Batsford
ISBN 0-7134-7879-9
Год 1 996 г.
Язык English
Страниц 288 стр.
Формат 1 x 5.5 x 8.2 inches
Переплет Мягкий
Состояние Новая
Эпоха 1991-2010
Раздел Учебники

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